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What good is a marketing piece if it does not reach the prospective client? PrintOGraphics gives you the convenience of handling all aspects of printing from designing to delivery through a single company. Depending upon your marketing strategy, you can choose either a EDDM, bulk-mail or door-to-door distribution method. If all of your prospective clients are grouped in a particular demographic area, choosing an EDDM (Every Door To Door Mail) or a Dor hanger method allows you to distribute your marketing piece in a very cost-effective way. To reach a dispersed audience, bulk mail is a great solution. Contact us for a free estimate on your next distribution project.

Bulk Mail/EDDM (Every Door To Door Mail)

If your marketing strategy requires you to send it via mail, this is the most effective way of handling it. We handle a wide range of direct mailing services, from list acquisition, stuffing, labelling, metering, and bar-coding to actual delivery to the post office. We can also take care of your custom jobs like weekly or monthly newsletter mailings. In order to mail your pieces, you need to have a list of your targeted audience (with address). If you do not have one, we can acquire one for you based on your search criteria. If you have your own list, you can send your existing list to us in a spreadsheet format or a CSV format and we will take care of the rest, including taking duplicates out or sorting by the zip code. If you do not have your own bulk mail permit, you can use ours to save on postage. EDDM is little different than bulk mail process. For an EDDM, you do not need a mailing list or the bulkmail permit. US Post office will distribute your marketing piece to all of the homes and businesses in the chosen carrier routes.


Want to target every household in a particular neighborhood and still be cost effective? Then door-hangers or other door-to-door distribution is the way to go. In most cases, we can deliver your marketing sample directly to the door with half the cost of the postal service. All of our distribution is tracked by GPS for it's accuracy.